10 Indoor Water Fountain Ideas

Studies have shown that indoor water sounds, such as that produced by a water fountain, can have a soothing effect. As an addition to a balanced psychological function, interior designs with a welcoming ambiance can give you that space away from the stresses of everyday life. The right indoor water fountain brings a calming and sensory experience.

Transparent waterfalls

This is an ideal accent to have if you’re still unsure about the theme and design your waterfall should have. It creates a whimsical backdrop as water glides soothingly on the glass. It can also act as a divider as it delivers all that delicious sensory goodness to calm the spirit!

Eclectic indoor waterfall

Eclectic designs are very avant-garde and experimental since it brings out the beauty of your space with the right combinations. As a general rule, mixing eclectic accents with cream backdrops usually work best.

Glass waterfalls with LED light

This type of indoor water fountain will do wonders for plain backdrops with contemporary settings. Most of these types are usually mounted on the wall with some aluminum frames and stones on the base. The fountain backdrop changes in color so this will do wonders for your space during night time as well!

Tabletop fountain

These are small centerpieces that serve as an accent to complement the interiors. These come in all designs such as leaves or flowers. To create a Zen-like atmosphere to your home, using copper trellis with cupped leaves and decorative rocks on the bottom would make an amazing display. You can turn on the LED lighting to add a welcoming ambiance to your space.

Floor waterfall

If you have a small space and would still want to use water fountains for your home, having a floor-type indoor water fountain will fill in the aesthetics. Its elegant but classic design will complement bare spaces such as those under the stairway.

Two-story water fountain

Against a plain backdrop, this is a huge indoor water fountain that works marvelously as a stand-alone centerpiece. Having this type of indoor fountain will create a clean and welcoming ambiance for guests coming into your home or office. Be sure to place this under natural light to better appreciate its beauty!

Three-tier tabletop water fountain

These are chic indoor waterfalls to complement surrounding plants and flowers. It can also stand as an accent to tables receiving guests. Most people purchase this type for its calming sight without the splashing noises.Pillar fountain

This is a classic fountain that makes use of carved stones with illuminating lights. Commonly found in spas, a pillar fountain would make a welcoming sight from the entryway. It can also serve as an accent on the side along with indoor flowers and plants. Moreover, these types can be used for outdoor use too!

Slate indoor fountain

Using a natural slate table, this type of indoor water fountain provides tranquility and usually works well as a stand-alone piece. Using copper sprouts to channel the water with decorative stones or river stones on the bottom, this piece appeals to those who prefer Zen-like interior settings.

Tabletop water ripple fountain

This is a contemporary piece that’s portable without losing its aesthetic value. Rippled design, produced by waters gliding on the rugged wall, is an interesting sight to see. This type may also be used in your patio or office space.