10 Low Waste Wedding Ideas

There are about 2.13 million couples who got married last 2018 in the U.S. costing about $24,723. With a few thoughtful details, going green on your big day might save you a lot of cash and still make Mother Nature proud!

When you opt for low waste wedding ideas, you are eliminating roughly 400 lbs. of waste and pollution—which is 63 tons less CO2. Here are some of the ways to experience a fabulous wedding using eco-friendly materials and methods.

Go for paperless

You can be proactive in saving trees by going paperless. Sites like DocHub allow you to create documents and contracts online. Using an electronic pen, you and your suppliers can both have a signed contract that’s portable, easily accessible, and eco-friendly.

You can use sites like Canva to create beautiful invitations and send e-invites to your guests online.

Look for venues that are already aesthetically-pleasing

If you’re opting for a church wedding, venues that have good lighting and big windows would be ideal. Natural settings such as a public park or beachside won’t require much decoration either. Cut down fossil fuel burn by having your ceremony and reception on the same spot.

Don’t be afraid to ask about leftovers

This will help you segregate food instead of it ending up in waste is another thing to consider for low waste wedding ideas. Instruct them to have these sent to churches nearby or let your guests take these with them. It’s best to talk first with your vendor about this plan.

Think local, organic, and seasonal food

Ask for menus incorporating this and look into local farms in your area. If possible, look into caterers located near farms with sustainable growers. Think ‘farm to table’ and go for a menu that’s in season. Keep that carbon footprint to a minimum!

Use flowers that are in season

Your choice of flowers is another one of low waste wedding ideas to incorporate in your list. Have multiple flower choices prior to meeting with your supplier so it can be easier to find alternatives.

Consider waste management

Segregating waste helps keep recyclable items such as plastics, aluminum, and paper to name a few. Ask your organizer to label these bins accordingly.

Go for organic beauty products and accessories

You can ask your hairstylist to could incorporate flowers, twigs, and leaves instead of purchased accessories. You can take some of your purchased flowers—or even get some from your garden!

Go for beauty products that are palm-oil free, vegan, cruelty-free. If available, go for items with zero-waste packaging.

Choose reusable, consumable, or compostable wedding favors

You can give the glasses used by the guests as wedding favors. Using recyclable packaging to store consumable goods such as candies or cookies would be another nifty idea!

Use gift e-cards

Aside from cash, opting for e-cards as gifts are another low waste wedding ideas. Think Airbnb and Amazon. After all, you won’t be forgetting or misplacing an e-card easily!

Use Beeswax candles

Standard candles produce chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Counter this by using beeswax candles instead. On the plus side, it lights longer with less dripping!