10 Things To Buy At Thrift Stores

We always hear people complain that they are no good at thrift store shopping because maybe they have no patience and have an aversion to dirt. However, anyone can be good at thrift store shopping if they keep an open mind. It is simple, you just have to recognize when an object needs a good cleaning or a coat of paint.

If you’ve never ever thrifted before, it can be tricky finding the treasures, but I promise there is hope. These 10 thrift store crafts are the best ones to put on your shopping list.


It would be great if you’ve got basic sewing skills because thrift stores are the perfect place to look for fabric scraps to use for napkins, pillows, curtains, tablecloths, and any other project that could use a stash of mismatched prints. Just make sure to wash the fabrics before using them. You can use them to add some coziness to your home by covering a footstool or reupholstering a chair seat.

Vases and bottles

There are so many beautiful vases and bottles every time we visit the thrift store. And if you want the eclectic look, they’re easy to scatter on shelves, mantels, or tables to fill with flowers.


You don’t have to buy picture frames in a retail store because there are so many beautiful ones in thrift shops for a couple of bucks each. Just spray paint them and they will be instantly customized for the look you want.


Some thrift stores have outlets available next to their lighting section so shoppers can plug in lamps to test them out before taking them home. Sometimes a lamp only needs a good cleaning and a new shade to make it brand new. If you find a broken lamp at a thrift store, you can also try rewiring it.


The book sections of thrift stores are full of great reads. Sometimes you can also find a book with beautiful illustrations that are worthy of framing. The bookworm and decorator in us will definitely rejoice every time we go to the book sections.


We have seen a lot of gorgeous mirrors on our thrifting adventures and they are so easy to transform with paint. If you see a mirror with a frame you really love but you want to have a picture on your wall instead, you can also try to pop the mirror out carefully and frame a piece of art with it instead.

Dishes and Pitchers

We have seen so many great pitchers and dishes in thrift stores. If you find mismatched dishes in a range of colors and patterns at any thrift stores, you can use them to build a collection or hang a wall of plates. And if you like, you can always stick to the classic pieces because you can never go wrong with plain white and simple glass.

Wood Furniture (tables, shelves, chairs, etc.)

Simple thrift store tables can be used for dining rooms, kitchens, or repurposed as a desk. If the table needs some makeover, try restyling it with fabric or paint. Dining chairs are always available at thrift stores too and if the chair needs a makeover, try painting or reupholstering it.

Thrift stores have chairs, shelves, tables and dressers all the time that only need a quick paint job or a change in hardware. Just make sure to test it first before buying it. Find out if a table is wobbly or a drawer is broken, and if you know it won’t be an easy fix, don’t buy it.


Most of the time, all the toys need is a cleaning and they are ready to be loved. If you love collecting toys and want to display them in shelves, it’s time for you to take a look at the toys available in thrift stores. Furthermore, children would probably like to visit thrift stores with you because they will be able test out the goodies in the toy section.

Baskets and Buckets

You might have to ground myself from buying anymore baskets and buckets because you’ll find so many cute ones every time you visit a thrift store. You can use baskets for extra small storage around the house and buckets for planters.