10 Ways Women Can De-stress

As the reason for why we are all here on this planet, women deserve ways to take the stress out of their lives. A way to reconnect with themselves, refresh their demeanor, and allow the stress to melt away. But what are some of the best ways for women to de-stress? Even when a schedule allows for it, how can you just fit something like that in without worrying that the stress is just waiting for you right around the corner?


It sounds mundane, but give it a shot. There are lots of adult coloring books (no, not naughty ones). The rhythmic motions combined with the general sense of creativity can be very soothing.

Curl up with a book

Reading has been fundamentally proven to relax just about anyone. Getting lost in a good book will reset your mind for whatever comes next. You can easily disassociate from whatever is bothering you in life and just unwind.

Take a nap

What could be a better way to relax than to literally go to sleep? A power nap can give you the energy you need to overcome whatever is stressing you out. Close your eyes, breath deeply, turn off the TV, and just drift away.

Binge watch

Escape from stressful reality by diving into an artificial one. With the easy access of streaming services now, finding a good show to lose yourself in is simplicity itself. Grab onto a show from any genre that interests you and just disappear into entertainment.

Keep a journal

Scribble anything on your mind down on paper and you’d be surprised at the result. It gets those stressful thoughts out of your head and then you can tear it up or trap it away in a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind.

Mixing margaritas

Sometimes unwinding means you need to just kick back and grab a stiff drink. Maybe margaritas isn’t your thing, but find something fruity that tastes good and focus on that. It’s the distraction that really counts. Mix it up, enjoy, and chill out.


Massaging those creative muscles by making something unique is an exceptional way to relax. You can put your energy into designing and then piecing together something that only you could really do. Any type of crafting as a hobby is strongly encouraged to help


Cookies? Cakes? Muffins? Satisfy your sweet tooth while you unwind by digging up some awesome recipes. Everyone in your family and your coworkers will thank you if you plan on sharing, too.


Stretch until the stress has no choice but to leave your body. Feel the intense workout work the kinks out and make it a regular thing. Getting healthy all on its own will likely help with stress in general.

Treat yourself to the spa

A little pampering goes a long way. Sometimes it just needs to be all about you, you know? Get some massages, get your nails done, the works. It really helps reset your entire life.