4th Of July Party Idea Tips

The fourth of July is one of the most look forward to holidays within the US, I sure do look forward to it. The celebration on this monumental day is a great time for BBQ, family gatherings and lots of partying to celebrate Independence Day! If you plan to make a special and memorable 4th of July party, you should try these following party ideas.

Photo Props

Pick a spot to set up an area for taking fourth of July photos. To make it more fun, include photo props that connect with the theme of the party. You can be creative with these props. Make the photo-op fun with a good mix of shades, hats, shout outs, or captions.

This photo booth or photo spot can definitely add more fun and excitement throughout the whole day. This is one of the most recommended fourth of July party ideas. Your guests can both have fun and also capture timeless memories.

Take a look at this unboxing of some 4th of July Photo props.

DIY Budget Friendly Decorations

You can utilize mason jars to decorate with patriotic-themed designs. Place them on top of a table as a centerpiece. Make sure that you decorate the table as well. Make good use of your red and blue handkerchiefs to complement the theme. If you have the proper materials at home, this could be one of the cheapest fourth of July party ideas.

Need some visual ideas, take a look at this video.

American-Style Goody Bags

These goody bags can serve as an enticing fourth of July element that could attract the interest not just kids but also those who are kids at heart. You can come up with goody bags that resemble the American flag concept.

This video should help spark some ideas for the goody bags.

Independence Punch

You can come up with a beverage composed of blue Gatorade frost, Diet 7-Up, cranberry juice, and ice cubes. This refreshing mix can be the highlight of your table. The look and taste of this mix work well with the fourth of July.

Need a recipe to follow? Take a look at this video.

Star-Spangled Glasses

To make the fourth of July theme even more visible, buy star stickers designed either blue or red and place them on your glasses. These glasses will definitely be an instant highlight of your whole party. This might be one of the simplest fourth of July party ideas but this definitely works! Don’t forget to complement your glasses with patriotic-themed straws.

I know, I know, you need some visual, take a look at these flashy glasses.

Fabric Wreaths

Create multiple wreaths made of fabric with red, white, and blue designs that fit the 4th of July. These wreaths can serve as key elements of your party’s overall decoration. Don’t forget to include one on your front door as this can immediately provide an impact on any guest.

See first hand how it can be made with the video below.

Harmless Sparklers

Sparklers are usually taken out during the night of the fourth of July. However, these sparklers might be dangerous to kids, especially toddlers. Your best move to make these kids still enjoy sparklers is to craft a DIY sparkler made of festive straws, paper, tape, and wooden skewers. Kids won’t have to wait until evening to play with these sparklers and they will definitely enjoy running with it!

Take a look at these sparkler favors.

Coming up with different fourth of July party ideas year in and year out can provide the annual celebration with an added reason for excitement and anticipation.