7 Apartment Decorating Ideas

Moving into an apartment? Although the place is technically not yours, you still need to set it up just the way you want it and let it be a reflection of your style, especially when it comes to interior design. You might not be able to knock a wall down or do any major renovation projects, but with the simple decorating ideas discussed below, you should be able to make your apartment look like a polished home.

Regardless if you have a studio, one-bedroom, or a two to three-bedroom apartment, these tips will do the trick:

Incorporate Some Curves

Most apartments that you’ll find have the traditional box shape, which is boring. So to make your new place more exciting, don’t be afraid to add some curves. Instead of settling for rectangular furniture, go for other shapes. Curved chairs and couches would be good, and so do round tables. You can also make use of a rug with an odd shape.

Brighten It Up With a Rug

How are the walls, floors, and ceilings? Are they dark-stained? If so, then think of a way to somehow brighten up the room. Aside from adding some lighting, a rug with a light hue can help make your room look brighter too. You can also consider hanging a mirror that can bounce some light and create an illusion of a wider and brighter room.

Hang Some Curtains

Not a fan of blinds? Then go for the traditional window treatment – curtains. When it comes to the colors and designs, you literally have countless options. But as a general rule, go for curtains that can help make your room brighter. Those with pastel colors would be excellent. You can also incorporate feminine designs by going for floral prints. Like what we have said, there are so many choices, so it is up to you to decide what will look good in your apartment.

Install Floating Shelves

Installing floating or hanging shelves is an incredible way of creating more room for storage. This is highly recommended especially if your apartment space is limited.

Swap Out Light Fixtures

Did the apartment come with boring light fixtures? Well, swap them out with modern bulbs and lamps. Lights are the most excellent way to make any apartment look livelier and welcoming. Therefore, you can add as many lights as you wish to, but be sure to be creative. Consider a variety of light fixtures.

Create a Gallery Wall

If you are an artist yourself or just a fan of arts, then why not create a gallery? You can display your collections of paintings and other artwork. Make sure to arrange them nicely, though.

Shop for Nice Linens

You might have not thought of it, but linens can also add more appeal to your apartment. Get some bright-colored dishtowels for your kitchen. Do the same when it comes to your bath towels as well as bedding. With this, there’s also plenty of options to choose from so you just have to shop wisely.