7 Cute Trendy Hairstyles

Women love to style their hair. It is their shining glory. That is why so many hair trends come one after the other these days. And most of the time, the classic straight hair is not always what is “in.” Hence, all sorts of styles and colors arise to cater to all kinds of hair choices.

If you are looking to style your hair and give yourself a whole new look, then take your pick from these seven gorgeous and trendy hairstyles:

Long Sleek Waves

If you do not want to cut off too much of your hair but still want to give it a new look, the long waves are the way to go. You can go for evanescent waves by using curling irons. Remember to prep your hair correctly to keep them protected from the heat. You can also go for semi-permanent waves by setting up an appointment at a salon. If you go for this hairstyle, you have to use the right brush. Most people opt for boar bristle brushes while others just finger comb theirs. You can also keep your hair in a loose braid or twirl in a bun when you sleep to keep the curls.

Medium Wave

If you want wavy hair but do not want it to be too long nor too short, then going medium should do the trick. You can still get a similar effect as the long hair. It is just the right length that you can pull an occasional updo without having too much hair to mind.  The same method of care as long wavy hair applies to this hairstyle.

Long Wavy Side Pony

If cutting your hair feels too wasteful for you, no worries. You can still keep it trendy. Get a comb and comb your hair into a side ponytail. Make sure to tie with scrunchy or a coil type tie to prevent pulling your hair. Get a curler and curl the ponytail into big waves. Then, get a portion and twirl it around the knot to hide it. Secure it with a bobby pin, and you are good to go. You can also add some hair decors to make it even chicer.

Queen Braids

If you are a fan of Elsa’s braid, then this queen braid is just for you. To do this, divide your hair into two upper and lower portions. You only braid the top half while leaving the lower half as is. If you have wavy hair, then you may want to straighten it first as this hairstyle works best with straight hair. For the upper part, star your braid mid-way from the top. Make sure to keep it not too tight but not too loose either, so it does not appear too forced. You also have to keep the hair braid center to the tip. For an icy look, you can color your hair a platinum blonde or stylish gray.


The idea with balayage is to hand paint hair dye on selected sections of your entire hair to keep the color transition as natural as possible with no harsh lines. It is what separates this style from highlights and ombre. Highlights are usually very distinct in the sections of hair while in ombre, only the ends to about mid-way have a different color. Balayage use close tones from light to dark pigments that give the hair natural-looking highlights and dimension.

Chic Layered Bob

If you like a completely new hairstyle apart from your dull straight hair, you can go all out with a bob. Remember, this hairstyle will be a statement cut, so it will need a bit of consideration before you lose those long locks. But, if you are all for it, then go. All you have to do is get a bob cut but put twist by making it shaggy to give it that dynamic and chic style.

Undercut Pixie

Before, it is almost scandalous for women to get very short hair. But today, it is all the rage. Do take note that pixie cuts fit best on women with a leaner heart or square-shaped face. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want low maintenance hair. The undercut or tapered cut also helps give it a more lifted look.

With these hairstyles, you can easily change your whole vibe. You can even mix and match these styles. For example, you can get a balayage but, at the same time, style it as a wavy side pony. The choice is all yours. Have fun with your hair, and do not be afraid to try new styles.