7 Halloween Foods To Try

Halloween has been a tradition since forever. Kids and adults alike usually attend various gatherings and showcase their creatively-made costumes. And speaking of parties, since you are hosting this year’s Halloween party, do you already have any idea what to prepare? Take note that such an event is not all about the costumes. The foods and drinks matter a lot too, you know.

If you haven’t completed the menu yet, here are 7 foods that you should try making this coming Halloween:

Caramel Apple S’mores

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To have something healthy on a spooky night, have some S’mores. But instead of Graham crackers, use apples. All you have to do is to toast the marshmallows, take a slice of apple and top with a square of Hershey’s, followed by two toasted marshmallows. Drizzle with caramel before adding the second slice of apple. Everybody would love this!

Hocus Pocus Brownies

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This one here makes use of your regular brownies. But since it’s Halloween, design each cut with huge eyes and add more lines of frosting. It’s that easy!

Brownie Bat Truffles

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Adding a bit more creativity with your brownie truffles, you can come up with bat-looking goodies that even adults would love to taste. Just crumble the brownie and add the chocolate frosting. Roll them into balls, create the wings using Oreos, and freeze for about two hours.

Dip the brownie truffles in chocolate and coat with black sanding sugar. Add the icing eyes.

Mummy Brie

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Turn that traditionally baked brie into an eerie appetizer. Instead of serving it as is, design it like the face of a mummy.

For this spooky Halloween treat, you’ll need all-purpose flour, thawed sheet puff pastry, wheel of brie, large egg, milk, mini pepperoni, and sliced black olives.

Poison Apples

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When making creepy foods, you really don’t need to go super creepy that the snacks would look gross. Nothing like that, please! You can make use of classic recipes and just add some ‘Halloween-ish’ decor.

To spook your guests out a little bit, serve some ‘Poison Apples’, which are basically apples that are coated with black sugar. You can prepare the coating using granulated sugar, light corn syrup, as well as purple and black gel food coloring.

Chocolate-Filled Pumpkins

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Everybody loves chocolate, so you can never go wrong making chocolate-filled pumpkins for October 31st. Plus, this recipe involves milk and white chocolate ganache! YUMMY!!!

Ingredients include vanilla cake batter, orange food color paste, heavy cream, white chocolate chips, chocolate hazelnut spread, and cinnamon sticks.

Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Cupcakes

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Yep, you’ve read that right! GLOW-IN-THE DARK mini cupcakes! To pull off this impressive Halloween recipe, you need to have chocolate cake mix, white buttercream frosting, Jell-O, and tonic water.

Make the cupcakes according to the instructions on the packaging. Once cool, start frosting them with vanilla buttercream.

So now, how do you make the glowing glaze? Boil a pot of water and dissolve the Jell-O. Add the chilled tonic water. Dip the frosting of each cupcake into the glaze and put them back to the freezer.