7 Home Decor Living Room Ideas

The living room is the favorite part of almost all, if not all, families. This is where you spend quality time with your loved ones by watching TV, playing games, or simply asking how the day of each other was. This is also where you entertain your guests. So it is only right that you keep this part of your home appealing, comfortable, and, of course, functional.

Whether you want to redecorate your living room or give it an absolute makeover, here are brilliant living room ideas that you might want to consider:

Try Various Colors

Blacks and whites are classic. They give your home a taste of minimalism. But if you want to make these neutral colors more exciting, don’t be afraid to add some colors. You can keep your set of furniture as is if you want. However, you might want to try some displays with bolder colors. It could be your throw pillows, lampshade, or any piece in your living room.

You really don’t have to go for something with super bright shades. Even pastel colors would do.

Make the Floor More Fun

If you opt for neutral-colored sofas and tables as well as walls, you can probably paint your floors to make the room look brighter and livelier. Or, another great option is to add carpets or perhaps rugs, something with excellent colors and patterns.

Hang Wall Art

Regardless if you have a minimalist or classic home, adding wall arts would be an excellent idea. It could be a painting, a framed jigsaw puzzle maybe or even your family pictures. Doing this will make your walls more exciting rather than leaving them bare.

Furthermore, you can match the colors of the wall art with that of your throw pillows.

Choose Comfy Seating

Since the living room is where you usually relax and have conversations with your family members and visitors, you would want the chairs and couches as comfortable as possible. Go for a living room set that is inviting. That would really encourage conversation.

Add Some Indoor Plants

It may already be the 21st century but indoor plants and even trees are still very much popular. They can go with any design that you may have for your home. Plus, you have tons of options.

These ornaments can make any room looks fresh. This is an excellent idea to consider especially if you have decided to go for neutral colors when it comes to your floors or walls.

Experiment on Shapes and Patterns

Be it the lampshade, lighting, artwork, and even the furniture, never hesitate to experiment on shapes and patterns. That’s actually the trend nowadays. I bet you’ll find exceptional pieces that you can add to your family’s favorite room.

Paint the Walls

Needless to say, giving your walls a fresh coat of paint will definitely create a new look. In fact, this is one of the simplest home renovation projects that you can do with a great impact on the overall looks of your receiving area.