7 Incredible Home Hacks

Organizing a home and accomplishing household chores as well as doing even the smallest home improvement project is quite overwhelming. And I bet you would agree with me when I say that, sometimes, these little things can also get into our nerves.

While it is true that in every task that you need to do, there are tools or equipment that you can utilize to complete them, there are also other things that you can do to actually make it a lot easier to get them done. It’s just a matter of being creative and thinking outside the box.

Here are seven home hacks we wished we knew sooner:

Use a Shoe Holder to Organize Little Stuff

Do you have a bunch of small items, like threads and other sewing materials, cleaning supplies, spices, etc. all over your house? If so, why don’t you utilize a shoe holder to organize them? You can sort things out and put them in the compartments. This will absolutely make your life so much easier. Plus, you can just hang the shoe holder on the wall or at the back of the door, and you will be able to free up some space.

See how it’s done here

Mark Your Keys Using Nail Polish

Having a headache with those dozen keys and you really don’t know which is which until now? To avoid trying out all those keys just to open your front door, try marking each key with nail polish. Use a specific shade for each so that you can quickly identify which one is for your door, and which one is for your drawers.

Apply Car Wax to Your Bathroom Mirror

After taking a hot shower, your bathroom mirror will surely fog up, and you will have to either wipe it using your bare hands or a piece of cloth. But did you know that applying a little amount of car wax can prevent the mirror from fogging up? After applying the wax, allow it to dry and then buff it using a clean cloth.

This video shows the best uses for car wax and it’s not just the mirror.

Try Some Ice Cubes in the Dryer and Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

Nobody wants to put wrinkly clothes on, but at the same time, ironing is something that most of us hate to do. It’s time-consuming and very tiring too!

If you are washing light fabrics, throwing some ice cubes in the dryer will do the trick. As the ice melts, it will turn into steam, which will then remove the wrinkles.

See this video regarding this “life hack”, based on the number of thumbs down it received it maybe not the best hack to try, but you can see for yourself.

Utilize a Lint-Roller to Get Rid of Dust

A lint-roller is quite useful. Aside from removing lint and small fibers, it can also help get rid of dust, especially when you are cleaning items like lampshades and suede shoes. This item will certainly make dusting hassle-free.

See the 19 other uses for lint-rollers

Make Your White Sneakers Look Brand New With a Little Toothpaste and Toothbrush

It is hard to avoid stains on white shoes. But instead of washing them like every day, you can simply apply a little amount of toothpaste and scrub the dirty part using a toothbrush. Your shoes will look brand new again.

See this video, it’s toothpaste vs baking soda for cleaning your shoes.

Make Your Grocery Bag Stronger With a Plywood Base

With a thin plastic insert, your grocery bag can easily rip. And so to avoid this, you can make it stronger by replacing the base with a piece of plywood.

This one there isn’t a video I can show you, but there is a step by step tutorial at this link.

Photo Credit: FamilyHandyman.com

So, there you have it, 7 home hacks that could be useful.