7 Tips For The Perfect Pantry

For any home chef, a well-organized pantry is important. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if you want to cook something and it is taking you an hour or two to find the ingredients?

This section of a kitchen can easily turn into an unsightly scene. But with the tips below, you can certainly create a perfectly organized pantry.

Empty It Out

The first step is to take everything out so that you can easily sort things out. And while you do so, check the expiration date of each item. Throw away all those that have already expired so that you won’t be able to use them by mistake.

Group Like Items

As you empty out your pantry, you should start grouping similar items. Separate the baking items from those that are ready-to-eat. You also have to set aside the condiments and put them in a certain spot later on when you are ready to put them back to the shelves.

Use Canisters and Multi-Purpose Bins

Instead of laying a bunch of items around, it is highly recommended that you utilize some canisters and multi-purpose bins. Sauce packets should be in a single bin and do the same with the other grocery items.

As much as possible, shop for uniform containers as this will help make your pantry look more organized. These items will definitely increase the functionality of your pantry. Plus, they can make it more attractive-looking too.

Transfer Dry Goods into Glass jars

Dry goods, such as cereals, oatmeal, nuts, etc. should be transferred into glass jars. It is better to go for the clear ones so that you can readily see what’s inside them.

Label Each Container

To make it easier for you to identify which is which, you must label each container, especially those items that look the same. With this, you can use your creativity. Utilize your colored pens to write on each jar. Or, you may also opt to buy dispensers that already come with labels, such as sugar, creamer, coffee, flour, and many more.

Utilize Pull-Out Wire Drawers

If you have more room below the shelves, consider installing pull-out wire shelves that you can purchase from physical stores as well as online shops. You can utilize these drawers to store miscellaneous items, and this should further help you avoid clutter in your pantry.

This additional storage space is perfect for keeping your kids’ snacks and lunch supplies. Since they are at the lower part of the shelves, your children can easily grab what they need too.