7 Ways To Self Care When Busy

There are literally a zillion things to do every day. It’s truly amazing that we even have time to floss, let alone get through all of our obligations on a daily basis. How do we even manage? On top of that, are we really expected to take time for ourselves? It just seems counter-intuitive.

However, unless we take time for a little self-care every day, we aren’t going to be able to stay sane for long. It’s important that we stay true to ourselves, and that means we need to be a little selfish sometimes, just a tiny bit. That doesn’t mean you should blow off responsibilities, but it does mean if you take care of yourself that you’ll be able to take care of others much more efficiently.

So, in the best interest of everyone, here are seven (7) ways to self-care on a busy schedule.

Take an extra minute in the shower every morning

Sixty seconds. Just one minute. How much harm can that do to your perfect schedule? Just take one extra minute in the shower every morning to let the warm water wash over you. Head off the stress before it builds.

Pick the place the eat

It may seem like something small, and it kind of is, but it can make all of the difference. Having a little control over something like where you’re going to have lunch can give you back some much-needed steam.

Make a list of what makes you happy

Just take a minute, grab a scratch piece of paper, and jot down a quick list of what makes you smile. Maybe it’s your kids. Maybe it’s your successes at work. Maybe it’s seeing a rainbow in the morning. Whatever the reasons, they are inherently yours, and just seeing them can help you get your head in the right place.

Say thank you

Expressing gratitude is a great way to make yourself into a better person. When you make other people feel appreciated, you begin to feel appreciated yourself. Treat others how you want to be treated and you’ll feel better yourself.

Create a space for yourself

If it’s a spot on the couch or a section of the house, it’s yours. It’s a safe area where you can be you, where you can do what you need to do. Hang out, relax, read, do a hobby, whatever. It’s your space.


Turn off the phone, turn off the TV, and get away from any electronic distractions. It’s a simple way to reclaim your life from the constant pinging, texts, games, and other notifications. The world will not end if you turn off your phone for an hour.

Eat healthy

Taking care of yourself via the food you eat is a simple, easy way to self-care. You have to eat, right? Eat healthy and you will begin to feel better about yourself emotionally and physically.