8 Benefits Of A Social Media Detox

The world right now is in shambles what with the pandemic going on and several other problems it is facing. The pandemic alone has caused millions of lives to be put on hold and economies to crash. We are forced to stay at home in the hopes of flattening the curve. This has put too much free time in our hands, one that can either be beneficial or harmful depending on the person.

For this reason, most of us went to social media to update and inform ourselves as well as to voice out opinions on important trending matters. However, this has its side effects too. There has been too much negativity in social networking sites and this is definitely not doing any good to our mental health. For this reason, it is high time to lay off on social media and see the benefits of a social media detox.

Protects your privacy

Social media may allow us to be connected to the outside world but it comes with a price, our personal information and privacy. Some people are clueless of the latest privacy updates on certain networking sites. Clicking on things without really comprehending them may result to you unknowingly giving out important data. Delete your apps and prevent further problems regarding privacy issues.

Stop feeling competitive

You may not know but scrolling through countless of photos of what seem like a happy, perfect life is making you competitive. You never really know how much effort and time it took to take that perfect Instagram-worthy picture, you only know the feeling it invoked you and that is jealousy. This is why some people become competitive in making their feed perfect thus taking lots of pictures in several poses when drinking coffee, taking so much time that by the time you drink it, it is now cold.

Connect with what is real

Social media did allow us connect with people from different parts of the world but it also distanced us from what is real and important, connection.  We are too caught up on making our social media profiles perfect that we forget to enjoy and live the moment. You also unknowingly distance yourself as you take too much time on your phone. Live in the now, leave the virtual world.

Improves mood

Being updated on things is good however social media has no filter. You see everything and now it’s all negativity. Leaving social media even for a week will definitely lift your mood.

Gain more free time

Being on the phone too much affects productivity thus it is recommended to place your phone away from you when working so as not to affect productivity. Want an even better advice? Delete those apps and watch your productivity increase.

You get to appreciate moments more

Documenting your trips does not have to require you always taking pictures and posting them. Instead, put down your phone and enjoy the sea breeze or that hot cup of coffee with your book on the other hand.

You will never be afraid of missing out

What may be stopping you from leaving social media is the fear of missing out but fret not. The important people in your life, the ones who really love and appreciate you, will still update you on important news.

Stop obsessing about the past

Stop stalking your ex and hurting yourself in the process. Put down your phone and enjoy your new found life and friends, they are what matters most