8 Fun Ways To Have Fun With Kids

In addition to the global pandemic that’s keeping most of us indoors, in North America school is just about over. For some families, summer vacation has already begun. That means you need to find more activities to fill your kids’ days at home, and with the need still present to stay indoors a majority of the time, you might find your kids bouncing off the walls from boredom.

So, what you need is a planned set of activities to get your kids active, but without risking their health by simply sending them outside to play with other kids. Here are eight (8) fun ways to have fun with your kids at home indoors.

Build a Pillow Fort

Let’s be clear: we’re not talking about a small scale, put-a-blanket-over-the-couch kind of fort. We’re talking about an epic, pillow fort that leverages broomsticks, couch cushions, and additional furniture to provide structural support. Help your kids make it grand in scale and your entire day will be filled with fun.

Host an Art Gallery Event in Your Living Room

Making crafts and artwork with your kids is fun, but how do you take it to the next level? Simple: set them up on display in the living room, pretend it’s an art gallery opening, and whip together some kid-friendly cocktails to go with them. A fancy art showing can bring a new level of fun.

Create a LEGO Masterpiece

LEGO in general is a good time killer for kids. Get involved in their playset construction project and lend some of your adult experience to the way things are built. You don’t need to be an architect, but you can help them develop something cool that will have a little more strength in the design.

Make a House-Long Racetrack

Get enough pipe, cardboard, track, or anything else to make ramps and racetrack around your home and you’ll fill hours of playtime with your kids. Have it weave between rooms and then set up an epic race!

Pretend You’re on a Cooking Show

Pick out a family-favorite recipe or try something new together. Whatever you decide to make (sweet or savory, healthy or sugary), pretend that you’re hosting your own cooking show. Talk to the audience, make it a game, and offer pretend tips throughout the mixing and baking.

Design a Collage Together

Grab that stack of magazines that have been piling up in the corner to see what interesting things you can cut out. With a little creativity and some teamwork, you can develop something truly unique to look at that will also serve as a nice memory that you’ll share. Pick a theme and have each person make their own to see how differences in creativity compare.

Write a Crazy Adventure Story

Whether you build on each other’s story segments, play Mad Libs, or use story-suggestion apps to get started, designing a wild and twisting story together will leave you all laughing. Actually write it out so you can have it as a keepsake of that day that Mom, Dad, and the kids all got a little silly together.

Choreograph a Dance

Even if you aren’t coordinated enough to do a full dance routine, it’s really the effort here that counts. Film it on your phone and play it back to see where you can improve or build on the performance. Grab the right music to play behind your dance and you’ll have a wild experience roll out in front of you.