8 Home Decor DIY Projects

There are many things available these days that you can do to decorate the different areas of your home from the patio, living room, kitchen, bathroom, all the way to your bedroom. However, purchasing everything that you need to transform your dwelling place into a paradise could get expensive too. So to save some money and really add your ‘personal touch’ to your home, why not consider doing DIY home decor projects like the following?


Adding some candles can help achieve a very relaxing atmosphere inside your house. More so if you make the scented ones. Their aroma can definitely create a spa-like ambiance. They can also brighten up a dull-looking area of your home.

To make homemade candles, you would need candle-making soy wax, candle wicks, fragrance oil, heat-proof container, spatula, double boiler, and thermometer.

Ball Lamps

I’m sure you’ve already seen those yarn or thread ball lamps somewhere. They look amazing, right? They, too, can make your home look more attractive. But instead of buying them, why not just make your own? You can create as many as you want using various colors. All you need to have are cotton yarns, wood glue, balloons, newspapers, gloves, plastic containers, LED bulbs, and power supply.


Crafty baskets are an attractive storage solution as you can utilize them to hold small items. That will help you avoid clutter. And, yes, you can make them from scratch by using rope, glue gun, and spray paint.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are very popular these days. They are usually used to hold food and drinks. But their purpose is not limited to that. They can be utilized to decorate a home too.

You can design them in any way you want and hang them. You may also opt to use them for tiny plants.

Family Handprint Collection

This one right here can really add a personal touch to your home sweet home. Have your family members press their palms with acrylic paints on canvases. Afterwhich, design, and hang them on the wall.

Glass Bottle Decor

Do you have empty bottles of wine? Instead of throwing them away, you can actually utilize those to make creative displays using rope threads, decorative flowers, as well as paint.

First, wrap some of the bottles with the rope threads and paint the rest. Cut out letters and continue decorating the bottles in whichever way you want them to be. Just use your creativity. Display them on a table indoors or outdoors.

Tree Branch Decor

Do you have trees on your property? Or perhaps there are tree branches laying around your neighborhood. You can use those to come up with neat home decor. Paint them and wrap them with fairy lights. You may opt to hang them somewhere inside your home.

Hanging Plants

Using mason jars or any glass containers, hang some artificial plants with various colors. This would be another excellent way to brighten up your house. Make sure, though, to secure the jars using a strong adhesive.