8 Most Beautiful Locations For Photos

The world is full of majestic, jaw-dropping sceneries. Too many that a lifetime may not be enough to see them all in person. You are lucky if you get to see different countries. So wherever you go, make sure to take pictures of those views and share them for other people to see. They will also serve as a remembrance of your adventures.

Whether you are a travel or photography enthusiast, here are the most gorgeous worldwide locations that you need to add to your bucket list:

Lake Louise, Canada

Be it summer, spring, fall, or winter, the views of Lake Louise in Canada are mesmerizing. It is known worldwide for its turquoise lakes as well as the Victoria Glacier, not to mention the magnificent mountain backdrop. The luxurious hotel in this location is also very pretty and luxurious. Every single snapshot would be worth posting on Instagram.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji, being the sacred symbol of Japan, has amazing views that you should capture and add to your collection of photos. It is the tallest mountain in the said country and its nearly perfect images have been the subject of lots of paintings and other artwork for so many years now.

Even if you don’t climb the mountain itself, you can photograph the breath-taking sceneries in the surrounding areas, even miles away. When the day is clear, you can take snapshots of the white-capped peak.

Reine, Norway

Reine is regarded as the most beautiful village not only in the Lofoten Islands but the whole of Norway. Many tourists are dying to see the grand view from the iconic Reinebringen and the fishing village itself.

If you want to see the sun shining all night, it would be great if you head to Reine in June or July. Aim to capture the magic light created by the sun while it is hiding behind the clouds. That would be a neat view!

Camps Bay, South Africa

If you love ocean views and a vibrant beach lifestyle, then Camps Bay, South Africa is the best destination for you. As exceptionally pretty this place is, it is the most Instagrammed beach location in the continent. Lots of celebrities, as well as locals and tourists, absolutely love it not only because of the gorgeous panorama but also due to the relaxing environment.

Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is another lovely village in Europe, so much so that a replica was built in China. Since it is one of the oldest settlement that is still inhabited, it is now considered as a UNESCO heritage site.

With the splendid lake and mountain views, this is another spectacular town that’s worth photographing.

Hallelujah Mountains, China

Did you like the backdrop of the movie Avatar? If so, then you will definitely love the Hallelujah Mountains in China. In fact, this is where they got the idea of Pandora’s landscape from. It stretches over 12,000 acres, and those vertical stone pillars are really marvelous!

Faroe Islands, Denmark

The Faroe Islands are 18 islands that can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean. And believe it or not, they were formed due to volcanic activities as well as the glaciers of the Ice age.

This place is so green and you can also take photos of the sheep roaming around. And just so you know, the population of this type of animal is twice as many as people living in the islands!

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The views of Lake Bled are striking, and this is what’s mainly attracting millions of visitors each year. The lake itself is nestled between mountain peaks, and there is a small island where a castle-looking church stands, making the sceneries like a fairytale!