8 Signs You Need A Social Media Detox

Social media was designed to defy the distance in connecting people around the world. It served as a useful platform of communication, information, and even business. Despite the vast benefits it gives us, it also has lots of disadvantages especially in ourselves, our insights, and daily living. Here are the 8 signs that provide insight on if you need a social media detox:

You can’t put your phone down

Social media has addictive features that make you resist stopping the fun it gives you. A major indication that you need a social media detox is when you can’t put your phone down; because it only means that you were already addicted. Just as the addictive substances like cocaine, it disrupts lot aspects of your well-being including psychologically, cognitively, and physically.

You feel lonely and disconnected

Despite the fact that social media aims to create relationship links, why do you still feel empty, lonely, and disconnected? Social media indeed connect people but it is only made virtually. The time you spent for this virtual relationship is worth the time also taken from the connections you may make with the people immediately around you.

You’re anxious all the time

Several happenings are being shown in your newsfeed, situations that may also be present in your place, may it be political, economic, health-related concerns, or any others that causes you anxiety. This is a potential harm for any one’s mental health and should be avoided.

You’re playing the comparison game

There are social media personalities that someone tends to make as figures of perfection. In turn, these became an object of comparison to a lesser perfect life like yours. This might affect one’s self-esteem and contentment.

It’s messing with your sleep

Once on social media, one can’t even recall how many times did he/she took a break. At the same time, it disrupts your circadian rhythm since social media platforms are designed to mess that up. The certain background colors of these platforms affects the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for making you asleep.

You forgot to enjoy the moment

Using social media as a means to share your life and things you are currently doing can be fun and exciting. It not only allows you to connect with people but it can also be a way for you to inspire them when you do interesting, productive things. However, due to the fame and popularity that social media may bring, people are too caught up on the real things and just keep on sharing stuff online in the hopes of getting that “internet fame.”

In doing so, you fail to enjoy moments in real time and instead keep up appearances online.

You care more of how people will see you

This is in relation to the one mentioned above. Due to the pressure of having to maintain your facade online, you tend to exaggerate things. You crave for people’s attention too much and that is never healthy.

Social media interferes with your productivity

Social media is addicting. You tend to keep on checking your phone every so phone and you may not notice it but a day has past already. This definitely affects your productivity and in turn affect your mood as well.