10 Astrology Themed Party Ideas

Are you bored with regular and ordinary themed parties? Do you have a zodiac obsessed friend and want to have a get together?

Why don’t you try these awesome and extraordinary 10 Astrology themed party ideas, these ideas will blow your mind into another cosmic level.

Stargazing Party

Watching the night sky, during late summer with its long, balmy nights and vivid meteor showers. Hosting a stargazing party away from the usual media-driven, electric-light-saturated environment. Under the right conditions, you and your friends can see two or three thousand stars sprinkled across the sky as constellations, distant planets, and even spectacular views of other galaxies.

This viewing party only requires a telescope, décor, and a menu of celestial deserts. Get comfortable and peek into the telescope, and this party will be one of the unforgettable experience you can have with your friends, to appreciate the natural wonders, with fun filled games and activities, everything will be beautiful.

Galaxy Party

Do you love the idea that there are approximately 100 billion galaxies in the universe? And we are only in the Milky Way where the estimated number of stars is 100-400 billion and more than 100 billion planets.

If you love it, then host a galaxy themed party, together with your friends you can imagine and be mesmerize of how huge the universe is. Design your place with constellations and create a menu with stars and planets. Create fun filled games like naming your own planet, creating a cookie star then eating it and etc.

Lunar party

That’s right, lunar party – and it is not a party where you’ll just stare at the moon for hours. Celebrate the lunar phases with a party to commemorate its mystical influence.

Break out the tarot cards and offer your friends readings. Look at your hands and try to predict how many kids you will have one day. Book a fortune teller or psychic, and ask questions. Invite your friends into a party where you can explore the mysteries of the moon.

Earthly Gathering

Go outside and be with the nature. Bring a picnic blanket where you and your friend can sit together, talk about love live, predictions and plans for the future. Take candid pictures have fun and eat snacks together while observing the sunset.

Compatibility Party

Invite people and let your friends invite people as well, the more the merrier. Play a matchmaker based on their signs. This party will be exciting and you never know, you may meet the person perfectly compatible for you.

Burn Party

Are stressed out because of school or work? or are you broken hearted because your boyfriend dumped you?

Is it one of the two or both?

Then you should throw a burn party along with your stressed and broken hearted friends. Go to beach and light a bonfire, burn your failed exams, the letter of your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. This is a perfect party to reclaim yourself, to forget about the bad memories and just to have fun with real friends.

Rooftop party

Invite your friends to your rooftop, bring bubbly drinks and snacks. Watch the night sky and observe how the stars move. Play card games, werewolf, Lie detector, Secret Hitler, Cards for Humanity, and other games using powers of deduction and bluffing.

Star party

Do you like observing stars?

Invite your friends and go to a local museum or observatory, a park or an open field, or even your own backyard are good places to throw a party. Have a facility available to go inside, and enough activities to entertain the kids if the weather turns bad. Clear winter skies bring great opportunities for sky watching. The longer winter nights allow for an early start at viewing celestial events.

Chinese Zodiac party

Throw a big, loud, colorful bash complete with fortune cookies, paper lanterns, and images of the different zodiac animals. Also, try lighting up Chinese lanterns and flight it up in the sky. Invite friends and this will be an unforgettable experience.

Water World party

When hot summer days have your zodiac crazed friends itching for some water fun, why not throw your own Water World Party right in your own backyard!

Serve refreshing cocktails and sea foods. Turn the music on depending on your friend’s zodiac sign. Play amazing games where everyone can join, talk about life, enjoy the company of one another and embrace differences.