Best Aerial Yoga Poses To Try

Ready to take your yoga routine to the next level? This time, try aerial yoga.

Also known as anti-gravity yoga, aerial yoga involves the same poses that you do on your mat, except that this type requires you to utilize a hammock or a soft fabric that’s suspended from the ceiling. It is more challenging, but it’s definitely worthwhile as it can help improve your flexibility and balance, as well as build your strength even more.

If you are interested in aerial yoga, the following are some of the best poses that you can try:

Warrior Pose

Doing the anti-gravity warrior pose requires coordination and balance. If it is your first time performing this stunt, it is highly recommended that you do it with your instructor or a spotter around so that they can help you balance.

Utilize the straps to shift the pressure of your body weight. To get the best results, stretch your core muscles, and hold your arms steady.

Inverted Pigeon Pose

Looking for something more daring? Try the inverted pigeon pose. Since this stunt involves twist, stretch, strength, and balance, it can target a number of muscles in your body like the middle back, biceps and triceps, abs, quadriceps, feet and ankles, hips, psoas, knees, hamstrings, and chest. It’s a great workout, especially if you spend too much time behind your desk.

You can also do some variations to add more stretch to your muscles. For instance, try to put your hands at your back in a prayer position.

Superman Pose

As long as you are not pregnant, the superman pose is another exciting aerial stunt that you can perform. It allows you to stretch your stomach as well as your lower back in particular, but it has amazing effects on the other parts of your body too.

Make sure to start and end this aerial yoga pose in diamond legs and not double-crossed legs.

Splits Pose

Having a hard time doing the splits on the floor? If so, then aerial splits pose can help you work on that. Hammocks and silk are incredible props for enhancing your flexibility and balance. You really don’t have to do the full split the first time you perform this stunt. Allow the swing to guide you until you get comfortable enough.

Aside from deeply stretching your thighs and opening your hip flexors, this aerial yoga pose can also help develop perseverance and patience. So keep practicing!

Inverted Bow Pose

This one right here is regarded as the ultimate back bend. Let the hammock support your lower back and buttocks. Pull your ankles down as far as you can to increase the stretch.

The inverted bow pose targets your middle back, arms and shoulders, psoas, chest, hips, and core.

Star Pose

This pose is fairly easy to perform, but it is quite beneficial when it comes to improving your spinal health and your posture. This should be one of the aerial yoga poses that you should learn.

Inverted Star Pose

Now to add more fun to the star pose, try to do it upside down (inverted). Point your toes and use your hands to support your body weight.