Quirky Home Decor Inspiration

Decorating a home can feel like a real struggle, especially if you have no idea where and how to begin. But hey, you really don’t have to rush. Take your time in decorating each room of your house so you can achieve an excellent outcome and make it stand out. The key here is, be creative and think outside the box!

To make your home more impressive, consider adding unique, eye-catching pieces, such as the following:

Nature Pillows

If you are a nature-lover, you can actually turn your home into an extension of the outside world. Begin by investing in Serenity Stone Floor Pillows. At first glance, they look like rocks. But no, they are really pillows! The biggest one can be used as a support when you are getting your daily dose of yoga workout. The smaller ones, on the other hand, can give you comfort while you are having your morning coffee or perhaps your afternoon tea.

You can check out these amazing Cactus Bloom Throw Pillows too. And, yes, you can cuddle them!

Handcrafted Diffuser

While it’s the scent that comes out from a diffuser that really makes a difference in your home, the device itself doesn’t have to look like just another piece of equipment either. It can serve as home decor, too, you know.

With a beautifully handcrafted diffuser made by Happy Place, you can add more ‘nature-look’ to your home sweet home. Not to mention that once you pour a few drops of the essential oil to the lava rocks, it can turn your home into a magical and relaxing spot.

Quirky Wallpaper Mural

Your walls don’t have to be dull nor bare. Instead of the usual paint, why don’t you consider a jungle-themed wallpaper and showcase the beauty of exotic animals? This is going to be a real head-turner!

Lunar Lampshade

Now when it comes to side tables, people usually put conventional light fixtures on them. If you want to be different, try displaying a lunar lampshade instead. What’s nice about it is that it mimics the rough landscape of the moon. Plus, it gives off different colors too, which are all dimmable. Oh, you’ll love this if you have been following The Twilight Saga!

Wooden Clock

Clocks are a necessity, and they can serve as great home decor as well. There are literally thousands of wall clock designs that you can choose from. But why go for the ordinary ones if you can have an incredible-looking wooden clock without all those numbers? This right here will definitely catch everyone’s attention!

Curtain Lights

Thinking about how you can make your bedroom more appealing and relaxing? Install some curtain lights! You sure don’t have to wait for the Christmas season to hang those lights. You can certainly use them all year ’round. They are a perfect decor for a romantic night! And guess what? They come with remote control. How cool is that?

Unique Shelves

Regardless if you are decorating an apartment, condo unit, or an actual home, the shelving will surely make a huge difference when it comes to organizing and maximizing your space. Plus, you can be very creative as well. How does a ‘fire escape‘ or ‘staircase‘ shelf sound? Check them out!