8 Gender Neutral Haircuts

Long were the days when women were expected to be a dedicated housewife and men were expected to be the breadwinner of the family. What we know of gender roles before does not always hold true today in this fast-paced, competitive, and liberated world.

Today, the society is changing and getting more educated on gender identities because of the progress that the LGBTQIA+ community has made for equal human rights and freedom of expression.

People, nowadays, express their personality loudly through their hairstyles as a show of liberty. Women do not always have to sport long hair and men do not always have to sport a typical barber cut. Take Halsey’s pixie cut and Timothée Chalamet’s wavy curls as a gender contrast for example!

If you’re thinking about getting a gender neutral haircut, then maybe one of these 8 gender neutral haircut styles may catch your vibe.

Modern Mullet

Mullet hairstyles were the rave in the eighties! But, fashion trends always make a comeback with a modernized touch. This hairstyle suits best with round faces that get perfectly framed by short hair at the top and sides, and of course, growing long at the back.

Pixie Cut with Tousled Waves

This hairstyle suits best for people who are blessed with thick hair texture and have a good facial bone structure. The rich volume of hair created by the tousled waves right at the top of the head will make your face appear smaller.


The short asymmetrical hairstyle is the best way to show off your good selfie angle. The hairstyle is called as such because it is meant to appear “not even”. One side of the hair is short, and runs to the other longer side. Try this hairstyle if you want to embody the chic and edgy personality.


This hairstyle favors the bold because not everyone looks good with it. Buzz cut hairstyles are suited for minimalists who just want to get on with their lives. In fact, that is the reason why this hairstyle is mandatory for military people. Females sporting this hairstyle would surely catch everyone’s attention and give an impression of a strong and brave personality.

Sharp Side Shave

This is a mix of the asymmetric and buzz cut hairstyle combined. For men, this is a typical hairstyle of models seen in men’s magazines. On the other hand, for women, it exudes a badass personality. Expect to get some awesome looks coming your way!

Shaved Undercut

This hairstyle is another spin-off of the previous shaved hairstyle, only this time, you shave the lower back section of your hair while allowing a longer layer to fall over the shaved area. This hairstyle is cool to show off when you are fond of ponytails or man buns.

Curly Afro

Be loud and proud with your curls in this eye-catching Afro hairstyle. This hairstyle is widely donned by African-American celebrities like Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin and Chadwick Boseman.


This hairstyle is worth the effort! If you wanna rock that reggae Caribbean vibe, this hairstyle is for you. Fair warning though, your hair will be matted together, backcombed, and braided together. But way to go for a cool hairstyle!

Have you vibed with any of the shown examples? The important thing is, if you think that the hairstyle speaks to you and mirrors your personality, then go for it! Life is short, live a life full of ‘oh wells’ rather than ‘what ifs’.