8 Laundry Closet Ideas You’ll Love

Regardless of the size, your laundry room can quickly turn into a nightmare if you do not have a systematic way of keeping the materials or equipment as well as the dirty and newly-washed clothes. Plus, it would be hard for you to accomplish your task if this part of your home is chaotic.

To help you keep this place in shape, here are excellent laundry closet organization ideas that you will surely love:

Use a Three-Piece Hamper

A hamper with at least three compartments would be a great addition to your laundry closet, as this allows you and your family members to assort your dirty clothes easily. The first hamper can be used for the whites.  You can allot the second and third for the dark and colored garments.

If you have a system like this in place, you no longer have to spend time on segregation when you do the laundry. As pictured see iMall.

Add Some Shelves

Open shelving is a must-have, especially if the space in your laundry room is limited. You can utilize the extra shelves to organize all your stuff instead of having them lying around everywhere. This will also make it easier for you to find them when you need them.

Consider Installing a “Countertop”

If your washer and dryer are sitting next to each other, it would be great to put a piece of plywood on top of them, so you can use that countertop-looking space for the clothes that you have to fold.

Look for Attractive Bins or Baskets

Instead of settling for plastic bins, look for attractive baskets instead so they can add more appeal to your laundry room. Those woven ones are perfect. You can use them as extra storage for dirty clothes or materials, such as detergent, bleach, fabric conditioner, and other miscellaneous items. As pictured, see Wayfair.

Hang the Ironing Board

An ironing board is another thing that can take up some of the space in your laundry closet. It could be a hassle. The best thing that you can do is to hang it on the wall, behind the door, or you can also put it between the washer and dryer.

Use Hooks

Adding some hooks is also an excellent way to increase the functionality of your laundry closet. You can use those to hang brushes and other small items. Doing so would make the area look more organized, and you will have more space to move around.

Utilize the Back of the Doors

You might not have thought of it, but you can actually utilize the back of the doors too. Just add some hooks, and you can already hang more items, such as the ironing board.

Install a Drying Rack

When it comes to a drying rack, you really don’t have to settle for one that takes up too much space. You can simply install one or two bars over the machines. Or, if that is not possible, then you can get a foldable drying rack so that you can easily tuck it away when not in use or perhaps a built in rack as shown.