7 Effective Ways To Organize Pantry

Having a pantry is an excellent way to keep your actual kitchen clutter-free. But this does not mean that you can just go ahead and throw all the canned goods, condiments, spices, and other food items that you want to keep in this particular area. Still, it is very important that you organize your pantry.

For one, it would be a lot easier for you to locate what you need from it. And two, a systematic storage area for your groceries will, of course, make you feel better as a homeowner.

No matter what the size of your pantry is or how much stuff you have in it, these tips can certainly help you organize it:

Get Rid of the Old Stuff

When was the last time you checked your stocks for those that have already expired? This is something that you should be doing on a regular basis. You need to get rid of the old stuff to avoid accidents. Plus, doing this will also give more room for your new grocery items.

Use Matching Glass Jars

Some people love seeing the brands and packaging of their food items.  But really, your pantry would look better if you transfer things, such as sugar, flour, salt, baking soda, nuts, and other dry goods into matching glass jars. After which, you can label them using your colorful pens to make them look more attractive and easy to identify.

Keep the Sauce Packets Together

Using a pack that fits perfectly in one of the shelves in your pantry, you should keep the sauce packets together. Arrange them in such a way that you can readily see the label. This way, you won’t have to go through them all and create a mess when grabbing something that you need.

Organize by Size

In order to make the most of our pantry space, it is essential that you organize the items by size. You should place the lighter items on the topmost shelves and put the heavier ones on the bottom. Never put bulky stuff on top as the weight might affect the stability of the shelving.

Frequently Used Items Near The Front

Frequently-used items, such as condiments, should be easy to reach. Position them in front of the shelves or in drawers that you can easily gain access to.

Group Similar Items

It would also be great if you group similar items. For example, all canned goods like corned beef, meatloaf, and other ready-to-eat items in a can should go together. On the other side, you can arrange the sugar, creamer, and coffee. This will make it so much easier to spot the items that you need at a certain time. You won’t have to go through the entire pantry looking for a single item.

Consider Using a Pegboard

A pegboard is very useful. You can utilize it in every room in your house, including the pantry. You can use it for small items that can be hanged. It would be a great way to organize some kitchen utensils as well.