7 Social Media Detox Experiences

We all live in a time where social media is all the rage. People spend more of their time on social media busily updating their statuses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. When left unattended, social media can jeopardize more than just our online fame and follow.

That is why many people nowadays enter social media detoxification. You get off of social media for a certain number of days and just spend your days as usual minus the social media. People do this to reinvent themselves. Here are seven people who tried social media detox and their experience:

Kaity Hall

Kaity Hall decided to try the social media detox to get away from the pointless scrolling of her social media apps, which later on triggered her anxiety. To Kaity, social media led her to feel self-doubt, demotivated, inadequate, and low on self-esteem. After things became too much, she decided to stop the glassy-eyed scrolling and mindless posting and just take a vacation from social media.

According to Kaity, the detox made her more attuned to the world around her. It also helped her get back her perspective and confidence in herself. For more on her story, you can visit her blog here.

Mehul Parekh

Mehul Parekh spends the majority of his time on social media. He was on every trending app like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. Mehul wanted to reduce his involvement in these sites, but could never bring himself to do so. It was not until De Montfort University, the university he is studying law at, announce a social media break from January 16-21 that Mehul finally had the chance to detox.

According to Mehul, the whole experience helped improve his motivation and concentration. He even ended the lesson by writing a 2300-word assignment with no hitch. For Mehul’s full story, click here.

Joyce Chua

Joyce decided to try social media detox because of how her addiction to social media is affecting her focus and concentration, her time with family and friends, and her time to herself that she used to spend reading books.

As Joyce went on with her days without social media, she was able to reconnect with the people around her and engage in a more meaningful face-to-face connection. Visit here to read more of Joyce’s story.

Jason Zook

Jason Zook took a whole month break from social media because of how it changed his perception. According to Jason, he initially started to deal with social media to expand his business. However, after years of heavy social media presence, he noticed a decline in his feeds and users. Frustrated, it began to affect his views on people and social media. So, he decided to take his self-imposed detox.

After the detox, has able to refocus his life. His productivity, clarity, and attention span improved. If you want to read more about Jason’s experience, you can visit here.

Vanessa / Girl Boss

After four years of dealing with social media, Vanessa finally went to suspend all her social media interactions for a month. Throughout her journey, she realized the negative impact that social media has had on her life. It sucked too much of her time, attention, and confidence. So, she took a break.

According to her, social media is only a tool to improve offline connections and not to replace it. Now, she plans to go on more social media detox in the future. More on her experience here.

Agness Walewinder

Agness Walewinder took her social media detox into a whole new level when she went without social media interaction for an entire year. She got tired of how frustrating and stressful social media has become for her. Instead of it being fun, it has become more of a chore. So, she decided to stop, remove all the negativity, and just take back her life.

After the long ordeal, Agness was able to improve how she manages her time and rediscover the things she enjoys in life. More on Agness’s story here.

David Mohammadi

David Mohammadi went into a 65-week social media detox. Initially, he intended to make it only two weeks, but before long two-weeks became an entire year and some. When David went offline from social media for a year, he noticed the many possible opportunities that came his way and lamented on those lost in his old place in San Francisco as he focused too much on social media.

He was also able to analyze his relationship with people and what is essential in life, see more on David’s experience here.

Now and then, you need to distance yourself from social media. You need to give yourself time to recollect and reconnect with people in real life. Remember that connecting with people face-to-face is still better than through some rectangular screen.