8 Recipes and Food Ideas To Try

Are you tired of those dishes that you’ve been seeing on your dining table over and over again? When it comes to food, be it snacks, finger-foods, appetizers, main dish, and desserts, there are zillions to choose from. You can try as many as you want. But, of course, choose those that are really delicious, and most importantly, healthy for you.

Here are recipes and food ideas that you’ll love for sure:

Hay and Straw

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This one here is quick and easy to prepare, healthy, very attractive, and affordable. You only need linguine pasta, fully-cooked ham, butter, frozen peas, shredded Parmesan cheese, and heavy whipping cream. Now you know why I said this dish is attractive. It’s colorful!

In as fast as 20 minutes, you can have a homemade Hay and Straw that will definitely make your day!

Penne With Tomatoes and White Beans

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Do you love pasta, veggies, and beans? If you do, then you’d fall in love with this recipe.

All you have to do is to cook the pasta as per instructions on the package. Saute the garlic then add the tomatoes and beans, followed by the other veggies. Top pasta with the mixture and Parmesan cheese too.

Cheesy Bow Tie Chicken

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Fan of Italian food? Then cheesy bow tie chicken will make your taste buds happy! You can make this recipe in half an hour using ingredients, such as frozen spinach, artichoke cheese dip, bow tie pasta, cubed rotisserie chicken, roasted sweet red peppers, Greek olives, as well as salt and pepper.

Rosemary-Apricot Pork Tenderloin

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For an easy weeknight meal, serve a Rosemary-apricot pork tenderloin. And no, it’s not hard to make at all. You can even use the leftover meat for your sandwich the following morning.

Chicken and Bacon Tart

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Bacon is simply irresistible. And to add a delightful twist, combine with some jalapeno jelly, onions, apples, dried thyme, puff pastry, cheddar cheese, and parsley. You won’t have to spend a great deal of time making this dish since you can utilize store-bought chicken strips.

Beef and Pepper Skillet

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Mexican food is undoubtedly one of the most interesting cuisines. If you, too, are a fan, you should try the so-called beef and pepper skillet. It’s something that the entire family can enjoy on a weekend. And oh, you can have it all ready in just 30 minutes!

Sassy Chicken and Peppers

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Looking into fresh flavors? Sassy chicken and peppers will give you just that. To make this recipe, you need to have chicken breast, taco seasoning, canola oil, onion, green bell pepper, sweet red pepper, salsa, and lime juice. This is another recipe that you really must try soon!

Soupy Chicken Noodle

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Once in a while, especially if the weather is convincing, a bowl of soup would be a great idea. Try the soupy chicken noodle.

Using a saucepan, heat butter and add onion, carrots, and celery. Once done, add water and seasonings. Bring to a boil and stir in chicken and sour cream. That’s it!