8 Ways Social Detox Changes Your Life

There is no doubt that social media has changed the ways of everything. Including the way we live, and how we spend our time. If you are finding yourself spending too much time on social media or someone else, here are 8 ways a social media detox will change your life.

Social media detox will help with your overall health and mental health. It will also aid in changing your daily routine because you will find yourself more busy doing other things rather than just being online.


With new social media platforms being created almost daily, this is ruining our time to be social in real life.


Our commitment to social media can negatively affect our commitment to our personal and professional lives in complex ways.

Mental Health

Hundreds of studies have linked social media use to increased levels of depression, anxiety, and isolation.

Echo Chamber

The definition for this is when someone just parrots some ideas back and forth between each other. This causes you to be a closed minded person.

Time Wasting

Sure Facebook only takes a few minutes to scroll through. But if you are checking many times an hour, That time adds up pretty quickly and that time could be spent doing better things like a hobby, exercise or even personal growth.

Quality Of Relationships

Websites can promote loneliness by harming the quality of relationships in direct and indirect ways. There is only so much you can control when it comes to what your friends share about you on social media. As someone may take a simple picture that is related to you or a friend in some way may take the picture out of context and problems will occur.

Presenting A Fake You

Seeing someone else’s posted picture that has things you don’t, so you need to compete and find yourself buying things just to have in a picture to post. If you are finding yourself comparing rather than getting inspired by others, it might be time to reconsider how social media is serving you.


Weight gain, trouble sleeping, eye strain, headaches feeling lonely and much more are all signs of overuse of social media. Sure social media is great in moderation, but also has some significant negative side-effects.

If you are experiencing any of these, then it may be time to try a social media detox. You can find detox plans or even create your own plan to help decrease the amount of time you spend online. These 8 ways of a social media detox will indeed help change your life and feel more alive and healthy in some many ways.

You will probably even notice less pain in your wrists, neck and eyes. If you are one of those people that get influenced by the people you follow, how will you determine your own creative abilities?

Tips To Ease Your Way Into Social Media Detox

  • Start by cleaning up who you follow
  • Turning notifications off
  • Deleting or hiding apps
  • Set timers for social media time