9 Stylish Home Theater Designs

With the current situation that we are in, what many of us being forced to stay inside and practice social distancing to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, going out to the movies is no longer an option.

However, if you are looking for a way to still satiate your movie cravings whilst in the comfort of your own home, then these home theater designs is for you. Not only will you do your job of being a law-abiding citizen, you also get to enjoy your movie and not worry about contracting the virus.

Having your own home theater requires a lot of planning and variables to consider. To give you a head start on how to plan for your own, here are 9 home theater designs for you to look at and inspire you on your big project.

Basement Home Theater

Freeing up your basement and converting it to a home theater is easily one of the most common route people take. The basement is a good place for a movie theater as it is isolated and dark. Basements have small or no windows at all and that helps prevent any audio distortion and light affecting the viewing surface.

Movie theater/playroom

You can maximize your space by converting it into a movie theater and a playroom for the big boys at the same time. This home theater can serve multiple purpose, all of which pertain to entertainment.

Classy Home Theater

Going for the classic route is also a good idea. It’s called classic for a good reason. You can add style and sophistication to your theater seats with drapes and carpets that match it.

Family Movie Theater

Cozy up with your loved ones in this home theater with circular sofa set. This is far from the usual theater seats that others employ but this will surely make family time even more special.

Movie theater/Bar

Want to have a glass of wine while watching your favorite movie? Check out this home theater that has a mini bar on the corner. This will definitely level up your movie watching time. 

Luxury Home Theater

This home theater boasts of elegant carpet, innovative lighting, and impressive wall and ceiling designs. Using large and comfortable seats like these ones definitely adds up to the overall luxurious feel of the movie theater.

Contemporary Home Theater

Movie theaters nowadays use seats that can be reclined into a full bed. You can opt by placing a huge bed in the center of the room like the one in the picture for a more comfortable movie watching experience.

Small sized home theater

For those who have only a small area to work with, you can maximize your space and still have a good home theater with the use of moderately-sized seats. Add up style to the room by placing carpets and using paint colors that match the overall feel of the area.

Sleek Home Theater

This black and white home theater speaks minimalism. The black seats and white walls convey sleekness. The look and feel of your home theater should not only depend on the design and architectural aspect, you should also keep in mind that a great consideration should be put towards the quality of the equipment too.