7 Macedonian Foods For You To Try

Macedonia is a small country belonging to Former Yugosalavia and is a hidden Balkan gem. The place has very colorful traditions. One that mirrors it is the Macedonian cuisine, unique for its original taste that was never changed by generations. These inherited traditional dishes are some of the most delicious around the world. The following are the top 8 most famous and palatable dishes of Macedonia.

Moussaka (meat & potato gratin dish)

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This is an oven-baked potato-based multi-layered dish. In between thin slices of potatoes are ground beef with eggplant, onion, bell pepper, and sun-dried tomatoes. Finally, this dish is topped with fine egg crust. This delicious dish seems to be Balkan-style lasagna with potatoes.

Sarma (cabbage rolls with meat & rice)

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This is a typical winter dish, a comfort food that you will surely love. This is made out of fermented cabbage and the inside is composed of rice with ground beef and seasonings. These rolls are oven-baked. This dish has a summer counterpart, a more vegetarian version with vine leaves and served with dairy sour cream that makes a wonderful fusion inside your mouth. This dish can be part of you main meal, however also best as starter and snack.

X (pot-baked beans)

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This dish is also called Tavche Gravche. If you grew up in Macedonia, you might hate eating this dish during childhood. This is the most traditional dish of Macedonia, cooked in earthenware, and is a most common part of a Macedonian dinner. This specialty is composed of beans seasoned with red dry pepper, big chunks of onions and oil or ‘zaprshka’. Then, this is baked in a traditional skillet or pan and is served with bread. Tavche Gravche is great with cheese too.

Ajvar (red paprika spread)

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This is considered the ultimate best. Just like the others who have tasted it, you will surely be stunned as well on its powerful and mouthwatering taste. This spread-dip is really legendary and a perfection. This is made out of roasted red paprika made into puree. The puree is cooked with constant stirring for several hours in a slow heat with mixture of oil and salt. It is served with bread and white salty cheese too.


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This dish is somewhat like a pie which is not thick. This looks like dough alone, oval-shaped like a plate. In the inside are small pieces of diced meat –usually pork which is often smoked and salty. This is topped with pork fat that melts over the dough to make the dish tender and aromatic. Sometimes, it is also topped with egg –sunny side up. Most people eat Pastrmajlija with ‘feferonki’ or small, green, fermented hot peppers.

Turli Tava (mixed veggies and meat in a pan)

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This is a 100% nutritious and super-versatile food. Whether you are vegetarian or not, you will surely love this food. This dish is like a whole garden put in a bowl. If you love meat instead, you can add some on yours too.

Polneti Piperki

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You can’t surely get enough of this dish. This dish uses green or red bell peppers or regular paprika, stuffed with rice and ground meat. Truly mouthwatering and aromatic when taken out of the oven.

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