9 Chicory Root Benefits

The chicory root has been around for centuries but its popularity just started to gain steam the last couple of years. This root is from a dandelion family plant and showcases bright blue flowers.

Even though the chicory root has been utilized for traditional medicine and cooking, it has been more recognized as an alternative for coffee for it has a resemblance both in color and taste. What makes this chicory root a must-use is the fiber found in it.

To know more about the chicory root, here are 9 benefits that you should learn!

Reduces Pathogenic Bacteria and Raises Beneficial Bacteria

This root has been observed to stimulate bifidobacteria, which is a beneficial bacteria within the large intestines. The bifidobacteria works to reduce tumor growth in the colon. According to studies, bifidobacteria also functions to suppress pathogenic bacteria like Clostridium histolyticum/c and Bacteroides/Prevotella.

Lessens Glucose Absorption in the Intestines

The small intestines usually absorb sugar glucose. According to research, when the chicory root extract is taken in together with glucose, the absorption of glucose gets reduced. This is due to the increased viscosity brought forth by the chicory root extract.

Positively Alter the Levels of Adiponectin

The chicory root assists in improving adiponectin levels. The adiponectin hormone helps the regulation of the body’s glucose levels. The chicory root presents an additional benefit by helping improve insulin sensitivity which in turn helps in the liver’s suppression of glucose production.

Reduces Hemoglobin A1C

The chicory root helps in decreasing hemoglobin A1C and results in lower blood sugar. This can serve highly beneficial for people who struggle with type 2 diabetes.

Lessen LDL Cholesterol

The chicory root has been studied to have a beneficial effect in terms of cholesterol levels. By helping in lowering serum LDL cholesterol, the chances of getting a heart attack can be avoided better.

Raises HDL Cholesterol

By raising the good cholesterol from the body, the chicory root helps improve the circulation of cholesterol within the bloodstream which returns it to the liver for possible discharge.

Reduces Inflammation

The chicory root has been studied to have a positive effect in reducing inflamed colon cells. This factor plays a huge role in the effectiveness of the chicory root in different aspects of the human body.

Reduces the Apolipoprotein B/apolipoprotein A-1 Serum Ratio

By helping reduce the ratio, the chicory root extract serves as a beneficial factor for lowering the risk of coronary artery disease.


According to studies, colon cancer risk can be reduced by taking in chicory root extract. This is due to the improved growth on the bifidobacteria on the large intestine brought forth by the chicory root.

The chicory root has been available for centuries but according to recent studies, we should take advantage of its other benefits. Improved digestive health, better chances against cancer, and other types of disorders, the chicory root serves to be highly beneficial. Now is the time to take advantage of this root extract as studies have been backed-up more than ever before.